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You will find the resources you need, from beginner through advanced, 

to help you succeed - with new resources added regularly.

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What is CDI Learning & Development?

Our goal here at CDI is to give our designers and team members the tools and training they need to be the best versions of themselves. This is everything from top-notch onboarding orientation, to continued learning opportunities as new information becomes available and to help you advance and grow.

We are committed to your success and look forward to working with you as you continue to reach new heights in your own professional, as well as personal, development.

Here's What's Inside

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Video Courses

Professionally created video courses help you fully understand and implement the things you need to make you successful in the field.

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We host regular webinars, both as part of the courses inside this platform, and those hosted by our Sales Support and Merchandising departments, to help you stay in the loop about products, processes, and other new info.

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Live Lessons

As we develop and improve the orientation, as well as the ongoing education, on this platform, we will be implementing live lessons to help bring a more personal feel to the learning process, and to get real time feedback.

Meet the Team


Rick Sheninger

Skills Enrichment Supervisor


Jessica Morton

German Teacher


Jack Davies

React JS Trainer


Karen Smith

SMM Specialist

Our Students


Amelia Williams

I have just completed a 3-month marketing course, but I already miss the center and Amelia. I can confidently say that all the knowledge I have acquired is applicable and useful. I definitely recommend everyone.


Amelia Williams

I have never taken part in any other courses with such pleasure and expectation as in the Spanish course by Marina. Great One! I love the way it is designed, and delivered. Highly recommended.


Amelia Williams

This is the BEST online course I have ever joined. I learned programming after completing a six-month advanced course. Then I completed a two-month internship and started working in one of the best companies in the market.

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