How to Create Engaging Training Videos

Speaker(s): Rick Sheninger

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About live session

In this lesson, we will learn the creation process of training videos.
We will start with the idea of: What is a training video?
Then, the types of training videos, the creation process, and finally, the platforms to host a training video.

What you'll learn

One of the best ways to deliver content, and share information is doing it through videos. Video is an amazing tool which enables you to truly connect with the audience.   

Nowadays, informative video content is your most potent weapon for generating leads and maximizing revenues. Furthermore, according to statistics, 88% of people tend to learn material faster if it is taught on the video. 


So I suggest that we dive deep into this topic, and understand how to create Engaging Training videos. 

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Rick Sheninger

Hi, I'm glad you're here! I am Rick Sheninger, the Skills Enrichment Supervisor here at CDI. My role is to help you with your Learning and Development. That includes onboarding orientation for new and returning designers and team members, as well as continuous learning opportunities as you continue with CDI.